BROUGHT Signs and Lighting — Avoid Cheap Imitations

LEDs have been a revolution in illumination and signage. They keep going longer, consume significantly less electricity and usually are the lighting solution for the future. However, a success story usually attracts imitations and these days we can find many inexpensive versions of LED light bulbs and signs that do not perform up to the LED business standards. Here are some tips for what to consider when you are making a new GUIDED purchase.

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THE price of LEDs has come down considerably during the last couple of years, as more investment decision has gone into improving technologies and more and more people are with them. But, if you are tempted through bargain basement prices on a DIRECTED product of any type, beware. Good quality LEDs ought to cost more than a conventional neon product. They pay for on their several times over in saved electrical power and maintenance costs. Cheap replicas may cost less, but they avoid last as long, and so you lose money on the deal in the end.


There are many big names in LED lighting effects technology that have a popularity to live up to for generating quality LED products. In the case in doubt stick with these types of recognised names and avoid not known brands.

Test the product

Read the sign or light that you will be buying, to make sure that it is top quality. Some general pointers which show a good quality LED item, whether a sign or a lamp, are as follows:

The light must come on instantly as soon as the change is pushed.

 There should be no flickering

The light, particularly in ENCOURAGED signs, should be evenly distributed on the whole area of the sign, without any dark shadows or vibrant hotspots.

Light output needs to remain constant over time.

BROUGHT Lights and signs are available in different colors, but the colors should always be clean and crystal clear.

The LED product must not continue to consume power launched switched off.

Ask for a warranty

The majority of good quality LED products to include a warranty against defects that manufactures and materials, which can vary from one year to as much as ten years when it comes to some LED light bulb producers.

In the case of LED signs, it is almost always the light modules themselves, that are covered by the warranty, certainly not the whole sign. This means that the actual modules will be replaced if they happen to be found to be faulty within the period specified by the guarantee.

Make sure you buy good quality GUIDED products, and you will find that you cut costs in energy costs many times over the initial purchase price. Check now:  led church signs