Dog Grooming Tips with Dog Clippers

If you have a dog that requires a lot of trips to the groomers, well, you know it can be expensive, so buying your own set of dog clippers and clipping your dog yourself might sound like a good idea. It should save you money and a lot of hassle.

But before you buy your clippers you will have to decide which ones are right for you and your dog, some popular makes are Andis, Oster, and Wahl. Not all dog clippers are for the one purpose. Some are for trimming or grooming your dog in different areas of their body and they can come in different sizes, some being for larger dogs, some for smaller dogs. Price also will be a big factor.

If you are buying dog clippers for the first time buying a kit might be a good idea. These usually come with dog clippers, guard, comb, scissors etc and some even come with a DVD giving you tips and showing you how to groom a dog.

Usually, the best thing to do when deciding on your clippers is to look at customer reviews or even better, talk to somebody that you know that has bought the same dog clippers you are thinking on. In my experience, if you invest in a good set at the start, they might cost more than you are planning on but if you look after them well, they will last you a long time and this will probably save you money in the long run.

So how do you look after them? Well, some tips would be to clean them well and oil them regularly and after each use. This will stop the blade from jamming and lubricate the blade, which will stop it from wearing out as quick.

andis dog clipperWhen you finished with your dog clippers always but them back in their storage case or a safe place. This will stop them getting knocked about which might damage their delicate parts.

Always wash your dog before clipping. This will get rid of the mud and dirt in your dog’s coat which would cause more friction on your dog clipper’s blade. This will cause it to wear quicker. Always remember to dry your dog first but with the likes of a hair dryer before you start clipping.

Choose a unit that comes with well-designed guide comb attachments for easy grooming. Look for an ergonomically-designed handle so that it is easy to operate the unit without any strain or discomfort. A unit that is unwieldy or difficult to hold can slip from your hands and has the potential of injuring your pet. On the other hand, a comfortable device will help you concentrate on the job instead of focusing all your attention on the machine.

how to use dog clippersCaring for your pet clipper is another important factor in getting good results. You need to oil the blades to keep them sharp and prevent rusting. Ensure that your unit comes with an oil flask and a cleaning brush to help you clean and maintain your unit in a good condition.

If you have more than one pet at home, buying a heavy duty, professional pet clipper would make even more sense. Choose a machine that is suitable for your dog, cat, rabbit, miniature horse, or any other furry pet you have at home. Finally, ensure that your unit comes with an Australian Plug so that you can use it without having to search for an appropriate adaptor.

With good clippers, dog grooming would become an enjoyable activity for both you and your dog.